TUESDAY 170620

I. Warm-Up

II. “Nicole”

20 Minute AMRAP:

Run 400 meters

Max Pull-ups

Level III = Unassisted Pull-ups

Level II = Band Assisted – 15 Reps MAX each round

Level I / Get Fit = Jumping Pull-ups – 20 MAX each round

*Score = Pull-ups completed*

Coaches Note:

The goal should be to not go slower on the runs as to get a higher rep count on the pull-ups, but to test yourself on the run, then see what you have left in the tank for pull-ups i.e. work towards improvement on both.  For those doing banded or jumping pull-ups, a fixed, max number is posted, but could be less.  Focus on negating strain during the eccentric portion of the pull-up as much as possible to avoid extreme soreness and potential for Rhabdo.

III. Cool Down