Name: Kristin Yettke

Hometown: Monticello, IL. I was born at KirbyHospital 71 years ago.

Occupation: Early Childhood Educator.  Retired from Crisis Nursery.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?  1 ½ years.  I had 4 recent hip surgeries and had worked hard to lose 40 lbs. I was looking for something to gain more strength and vitality.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit and being a member at KMC? 

  • I am an active participant.  CrossFit has given me and continues to give, beyond physically getting stronger, a completely different outlook on my age.  I continue to gain strength, master skills, build balance and coordination and do things I never thought myself capable of doing as a senior woman.  I’m finding the inner strength to hold off what we have come to accept as the inevitable effects of aging. This journey has also brought me confidence, accountability, and a connection to the community that translates to all parts of my life. I work out with amazing athletes, women and men.  CrossFit is scalable to all levels and individuals. I may have to modify but being able to work out in a supportive ’fist bump’, carefully coached environment only allows me to improve and do my best.  I’ve added a new word to describe myself- ATHLETE. The benefits outlast the struggle.   

What’s your favorite exercise/movement in CrossFit?  Burpees, wall balls?!

What is one CrossFit/fitness related goal you are working to achieve?  Kipping Pull ups. Working to build skills necessary to accomplish the foundation movements especially lifting weights.

What is your favorite food?  Food…glorious food.  I am a person who has an ardent interest in eating and cooking. My husband and I are always looking for new food experiences.

Favorite sports team?  Illini Basketball, Cardinals.

Where is one place you would like to visit ?  Australia, New Zealand