Name: Alyssa Maxedon

Hometown: Sullivan, IL

Occupation: Carbohydrate Scientist

How long have you been doing CrossFit?  Started in October of 2014, so a little over 3 years.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit and being a member at KMC? 

I used to be an avid runner, which was fine, but didn’t really give me much motivation. I just ran because I felt like I had to in order to stay fit. I like CrossFit because it changed my perception of working out. Whereas before I worked out to maintain or lose weight, now I workout because I have movements to master and gains to make. There is always something to push towards; always something that can be improved.

I love being a member of CrossFit KMC. The community atmosphere is awesome. Everyone is there to workout, but also to push each other on and make each other better. The coaches are very approachable and really good about breaking down movements for us to better understand them.

What’s your favorite exercise/movement in CrossFit?  

Rope climbs, power cleans, double unders

What is one CrossFit/fitness related goal you are working to achieve?  

Muscle ups, but also being able to put more weight on the bar

What is your favorite food?  


Favorite sports team?  

I don’t really watch sports, other than the CrossFit Games. But I call myself a Bears and Cubs fan because my dad was one.

Where is one place you would like to visit ?