Name:  Cara Kallembach

Hometown: Urbana, IL

Occupation:  Radiology, Ultrasound and Vascular Technologist

How long have you been doing CrossFit?   2 years. I started in Get fit and then went to into Crossfit.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit and being a member at CrossFit KMC?  First  of all it is  close to my work, KMC. I always feel really guilty when I walk past the crossfit box  to my car and  and haven’t done the WOD that day… so it is a really good incentive to go.   I like the encouragement that I get from the coaches and other athletes.  Everybody works hard and pushes you to keep going even when you feel like you cannot go on. I also have met a lot of new people in my community.

What’s your favorite exercise/movement in CrossFit?  Favorites are Sit ups and Tire flips… least favorite Burpees or songs that you have to do burpees to!!!   

What is one CrossFit/fitness related goal you are working to achieve?  I would like to be able to RX ANYTHING!!  I always have to scale on weights and pull ups. Pull ups are a huge goal for me.

What is your favorite food?   I like pretty much everything. That’s why I go to Crossfit!

Favorite sports team? I am an Illini fan.  I always have been-even when they are not doing well

Where is one place you would like to visit?    Turks and Caicos.  Any place with  beautiful beaches.