Name:  Megan Shipp

Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL

Occupation: Teacher by trade (current class of 2 Shipp kids I’ve been trying to teach for 6 and 3 years)

How long have you been doing CrossFit?  Almost a year

What do you enjoy about CrossFit and being a member at CrossFit KMC?  I mostly enjoy the results I’ve gotten from Crossfit. I’m stronger, fitter and have a greater lung capacity than ever before! What I enjoy the most about Crossfit KMC is the encouragement I receive from my friends and coaches. I’m never made to feel that being last is a bad thing.

What’s your favorite exercise/movement in CrossFit?  Any core exercise that does not require hanging (upside down or L- shaped)

What is one CrossFit/fitness related goal you are working to achieve?  To run faster and do a handstand without injury 

What is your favorite food?  Chocolate 

Favorite sports team? Any team my kids are on 

Where is one place you would like to visit?  Puerto Rico 

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