Name: Karen Stiverson 

Hometown: Northbrook, IL 

Occupation: Chili’s manager since 12/01

How long have you been doing CrossFit? April 2018 was my prep course

What do you enjoy about CrossFit and being a member at CrossFit KMC? I love the variety of the workouts and the camaraderie demonstrated amongst all the athletes

What’s your favorite exercise/movement in CrossFit?  I really don’t have a favorite- honestly I love it all. But I think my favorite accomplishment is climbing the 15’ rope twice in a row. Also HSPU. I think I’m up to 13 unbroken 🙂

What is one CrossFit/fitness related goal you are working to achieve? Multiple Unassisted pull ups 

What is your favorite food?  Tacos.  Always. (Lol- that was already there) also hot wings

Favorite sports team? Any team that one of my kids is playing on 🙂 also, the Cubs

 Where is one place you would like to visit? I have been, but not since high school, so I’d really like to go back to Greece and take my husband and children there to show them where half of their family came from.