KMC 30 Workouts

KMC 30 190604

I. Warm-Up II. WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP: -10 Banded T’s -10 Banded Presses -10 Box Step Ups -10 Jumping Jacks *30 Second Rest Between Rounds II. Cool-Down

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I. Warm-Up II. Rowling *Bowling but with Rowing! *Goal is to land on 100 meters *For every meter above or below, you must perform 1 basic burpee. III. Cool-Down

KMC 30 190516

I. Warm-Up II. OUTDOOR RELAY! 3 Rounds w/ partner (1 works/1 rests) -200m MB carry -200m Lunge Walk w/ Jumping jacks -200m Walk or Jog -200m Side Shuffle w/ Squats III. Cool-Down