Workout of the Day

CrossFit KMC 191001

I. Warm-Up II. Strength Every :90 For 10 Sets 1 Power Clean *Build To A 1RM III. WOD 8 Minute AMRAP: 20 Single Arm DB OH Stationary Lunge (50/35) 20 Single Arm Push Press (10R/10L) IV. Cool-Down

CrossFit KMC 190928

I. Warm-Up II. 25 Minute Partner AMRAP: 50 Calorie Assault Bike 80 Plate Lunges (45/35) 50 Calorie Row 80 Ground To Overhead *Max Rope Climbs With Remainder Of Time III. Cool-Down

CrossFit KMC 190927

I. Warm-Up II. Skill/Accessory 5 Rounds: Not For Time 5-10 Strict Pull Ups 5-10 HSPU III. WOD “18.0” 21-15-9 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35 Burpees Over The DB IV. Cool-Down