CrossFit KMC is a licensed CrossFit affiliate located on the campus of Kirby Medical Center in Monticello, IL.  Our passion is educating people about movement, fitness, nutrition, and community.  All of these things work together and require a responsible, common sense approach.  Our promise is to incorporate that which is beneficial to our body, mind, and overall health.  Our goal is to provide our community with a high quality, fun training environment and the necessary attention they need each time they train with us.

We are not just another gym.  We don’t want you to pay for a membership that you never use.  We want you to be a part of our ever growing community and get in the best shape of your life.  Be proud, be accountable, and join us as we pursue excellence.

Our primary CrossFit classes accommodate athletes of all levels and experience.  These workouts are designed so that anyone can step into one of our classes and be successful. Each class will consist of a general and specific warm-up, specific instruction on technique for that day, practice time, workout, and cool down post workout.  

We are proud to honor those who are planning to serve and those who have already served our great nation.  There are scholarships available for CrossFit membership for those enlisted to join and for those returning home.  Please contact us for more information about eligibility and requirements.

Please see our class schedule to view all available classes.  

You will need to complete one of our available Prep Courses in order to join these classes.