KMC Endurance

KMC Endurance

This class is designed to develop general endurance, cardio respiratory efficiency and stamina, bring your heart rate into a healthy range, and helping you get in better shape. Doing a race? Get race ready for whatever challenges lie ahead and let us help you reach your goal!  Run, walk, row, bike, repeat!  Classes will be 45 minutes and will include a specific warm-up for that day, as well as a cool down stretch to improve flexibility.  We will also work with you to improve general body-weight strength by incorporating core and stability exercises.  Join us in this fun and upbeat training environment.

If you’re currently participating in CFKMC Classes, Endurance classes WILL be available for supplemental membership purchase.

Workout Sample for KMC Endurance

Warm Up:
Heel Walks / Toe Walks x 20 yards

Hurdle Walks x 20 yds (forward facing, left, right)

High Knees / Butt Kicks x 20 yards, each

Carioca / Shuffle Jacks x 20 yards each

2 Rounds

Run/Walk 600 meters (Row 750 meters)

Rest 2 Minutes

Run/Walk 400 meters (Row 500 meters)

-Rest 1 Minutes

Run/Walk 200 meters (Row 250 meters)

*Rest 3:00 before beginning next round

Cool Down:
3:00 Minute Walk / 1:00 Pigeon Stretch (Right/Left Side) / 1:00 Hip Flexor, Hamstring Stretch (Right/Left Side)