Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

No!  Just get started.  Our workouts and exercises scale to any level – from broomsticks to barbells, we’ll tailor the workout to your ability.

Is it worth it?

We definitely would say it is worth it, but we are a little biased. The only person who can truly tell you if it is worth it, is you. The only way you can objectively know is to show up and participate in a workout.

Who has benefited from CrossFit?

Many professional and elite athletes are participating in the CrossFit program. Prize fighters, cyclists, surfers, skiers, tennis players, triathletes and others competing at the highest levels are using the CrossFit approach to advance their core strength and conditioning, but that’s not all. CrossFit has tested its methods on the sedentary, overweight, pathological, and elderly and found that these special populations met the same success as our stable of athletes. If our program works for Olympic Skiers and overweight, sedentary homemakers then it will work for you.

Do I need to be in shape before I show up?

Absolutely not! We have students who are in the 99th percentile of fitness and those in the 5th percentile of fitness. You are pushed and encouraged based on your current level of fitness. All we want is for you to give your best effort during each workout.

What type of results can I expect?

Although you will probably start feeling better and stronger immediately, new students can expect about a 15-20% improvement in strength and endurance following the first fifteen sessions. In addition, our findings show that flexibility, agility and body composition are improved. Subjective things like increased mental toughness, energy levels, improved sleep and reduced joint stiffness are also reported. Most of our students are shocked at their improvements even though they would consider themselves exercisers before starting CrossFit.

What if I don’t have time for this?

It is a common sentiment to feel that, due to the obligations of career and family, you don’t have the time to become as fit as you might like. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t take a lot of time to train and get something out of exercise!  Your health is an extremely valuable commodity and finding time to invest in good health now before it’s too late is important.  Make the commitment to invest in your health and remember, “We find time for the things we value!”

What type of exercises do you do?

Squats, presses, deadlifts, rowing, running, jumping, climbing, pulling, pushing, carrying, and everything in between.  Every exercise we do can be modified to meet you where you are at.  Poor trainers believe that programming well thought out workouts is not important or does not matter.   Our excellent staff believes in well thought out and carefully designed workouts that elicit the best from each athlete every time they train!  Come experience the difference of a high quality, well thought out program.