Start CrossFit

Step #1: CrossFit Prep Classes

Our CrossFit Prep Classes are awesome! During these classes you’ll get to learn the foundational movements of CrossFit, as well as get introduced to your first few CrossFit workouts in a scaled setting. Classes will be kept small, and you’ll be joined with other members that are also new to CrossFit.

**You must complete this course in order to join CrossFit group classes.

Cost: $100

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Step #2: Membership

After you’ve completed your CrossFit Prep Classes, you’ll be ready for regular classes. Currently we offer a 1-size program that allows you to go as many times as you want each week.

$54 per month – Unlimited Classes
$93 per month – Spouse Rate – Unlimited Classes
$27 per month – EMT/FF/LEO/Military(active) – Unlimited Classes